Dystopia, Mystery, Memoir,

Humor, Scriptwriting, Poetry

Writer's Playground

Session dates coming soon for Summer 2021


 Rising 7th graders through rising 10th graders

Writer's Playground is designed for students with an interest in creative writing, although no experience is required. For reluctant writers, or for those who want support in academic writing, Creator School recommends Palo Alto Writing Academy.

In Writer's Playground, will explore different writing forms and genres of your choice: dystopia, mystery, memoir, humor writing, scriptwriting, or poetry — please indicate your preferences when you register, and we will make choices based on the group’s overall areas of interest. We will also play with a variety of techniques, such as idea generation, dialogue, imagery, foreshadowing and/or suspense, depending on which forms and genres are selected.


A typical class will include:

  • Improv-style warm-up activities

  • Reading of mentor texts

  • Writing exercises and drafting time

  • Workshopping our writing with peers

  • Formal and informal publishing opportunities

  • A celebration of our work at the end of the week!

The instructor will provide personal feedback. We will also participate in structured writing workshops, with guidelines and protocols for evaluating our peers' writing and giving each other constructive feedback in a supportive environment.

The class will be capped at 16 students - enough that we will have a wealth of ideas and perspectives - but small enough to ensure personalized attention from the instructor every day.

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