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Surrealist Writing Workshop

June 24-28, 2024
12:30pm - 2:30pm
for rising 6th-9th graders
Location: Zoom

Tuition: $375
(this is a 50% discount from the regular 21st Century Learning rate!)


Surrealist Writing Workshop is designed for students with an interest in creative writing, although no experience is required. For reluctant writers, or for those who want support in academic writing, Creator School recommends Palo Alto Writing Academy.

An inspiring, imagination-expanding workshop for small groups and individuals that gives young writers the opportunity to explore the following:

  • Imagery association activities

  • Interactive word games and language play

  • Dynamic visual brainstorming, critical-thinking, and collaborative problem-solving techniques

  • Multiple strategies for close-reading of literary texts and multimedia analysis

  • Exploration of a range of poetry and short fiction writing styles

  • Identification and effective application of literary devices (e.g., alliteration, figurative language, symbolism)

  • Step-by-step writing and revision processes, including impactful peer critique

  • Public speaking/literary presentation

Course Benefits:

  • Small class size (capped at 16 students)

  • Custom-designed multimedia curriculum

  • Fun, challenging, wide-ranging assignments

  • Differentiated instruction to meet individual academic and SEL needs

  • Publishing tips and resources available for interested students

  • Opportunity to work with a widely published local writer and forward-thinking middle school educator

Meet Your Instructor

Sam Prestianni head shot for Creator School.png

Sam Prestianni is a veteran Bay Area writer, editor, teacher, musician, filmmaker, and founder of 21st Century Learning, an online platform that provides students with uplifting education and personal growth experiences that transcend the traditional classroom. For nearly three decades, he taught Language Arts, Humanities, and SEL Development in California independent schools while leading his own summer workshops in Creative Writing, Expository Writing, Media Literacy, and Music. Often under a pen name, he has published fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction and toured the country as a literary performer and multimedia artist.

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Limited Spaces Available


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Surrealist Writing Workshop
Location: Zoom
Cost: $375


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